whats that bulge????

Do you find that as winter comes to a close and the first signs of summer approaches, you start to feel conscious about your weight?

The first glimpse of sunshine and warm weather and we start to unravel out of our layers of winter woollies and expose our self in front of the mirror. And that’s when we get a shock of horror!!! Gone is the trim slim waistline, the hips have lost their curve instead there is a six inch tyre there and the tummy -what’s that enormous bulge there??? You can barely see your toes when you bend over.

This is the result of all the comfort foods we have been indulging in, it has suddenly appeared as fat on our waistline.

So with the sunshine comes the dreaded word Diet and Fitness!!! 

And its DEFINATELY -Time for action ,when you ask your partner “Do I look fat??” And he tactfully replies “No ,Darling you are just a little more cuddly!!!!!”

Out  with the: 

Fried, fattening, food.

Indulgence foods.

Tempting treats.

Naughty but nice desserts.

Extra calorific foods.

Sweets, savouries and snacks.

Scrumptious BUT all adds inches to your waistline. 

In with the:  

Fresh vegetables and fruits.

Increase exercise, situps, jogging ,walking.

Treadmill, cycling and rowing.

No, no, no to cakes and desserts.

Eat healthy salads, soups and summer fruits

Shed extra pounds, slash the calories and reduce inches off your waistline

Sun, sand and sea, summer holidays  are here at last!!!      

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  1. lolzz….nice definations of FITNESS!!!
    n if i was asked ““Do I look fat??” ”
    i wud say….”No sweetie….now theres more of u to love!” (no offense meant!) [:D]

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