I bought some leather sandals some 4-5 months ago wore them 5-6 times and put them away for the winter. Now that the sun has come out I decided to air them, paint my toenails and be ready to wear them with all my summer gear. But this was not to be when I took them out of the box to my horror there were deep cracks in both soles of the sandals, as they were far from cheap and pure leather so I took them back to the store.


Me: Now being a very calm and assertive person, (well I think I am!!) I said I would like to speak to the store manager.

Assistant: We don’t have a manager will a supervisor do???

Me: Did I really care what job title they had as long as my problem was solved!! But being polite I didn’t say that but thought this in my head!!                  

Supervisor: How can I help??

Me: I have only had these a few months and I believe they are faulty.

Supervisor: After much inspection from the supervisor, assistant supervisor and two other sales persons a conclusion was reached that they indeed had a design fault and should be replaced.  Yes madam I agree these are faulty.

Me: I knew I was right to take them back and thought to my self the effort was well worth it. …………BUT hang on a minute it was not as simple as that, the supervisor could not find them on the till system.

Supervisior:Sorry madam we can’t find item code for these.

Me: So being organised and now in a hurry and trying not to get agitated, I used my common sense and pointed out the item code which was on sticker on base of shoe and told them the price too. Please can you hurry up I am going to be late for work. Now you would think that they would either replace or refund them wouldn’t you??? Naaah, they refused as I had no receipt, despite the label had the store name on it, and the store brand on it!!!

Supervisor: We need the receipt to refund the item.

Me: I don’t have the receipt, does any one keep receipts for sandals purchased and worn I asked, trying not to let sarcasm show in my voice!! Please just replace them I asked with some thing similar of same value I don’t want a refund just a pair of sandals that are not faulty.

Supervisor: No cant do that we don’t have anything similar! But we can give you refund of sale value of the sandals!!

Me: No that’s not acceptable, now my frustration getting the better of me, I work in retail according to my consumer rights if an item is faulty you either replace of same, or equal value so you are breaking the law I said.

Supervisor: No we can give you the sale price as refund.

Me: Having suddenly composed of my self and realising this was not getting any where, I demanded I do not wish to accept that, please let me have the your name and the contact of your head office.

Supervisor: I do not have to give you my name,( he was scared to give me his name???…) but here is the contact number of the head office, you do realise they will tell you the same as what I have said. (He was looking rather uneasy at this stage!!)

Me: I do not wish to discuss this matter any more Thankyou, please just let me have the information requested I insisted.

Conclusion-I rang the head office explained the dilemma and hey presto – A full value credit note is on its way for me to spend on another pair of shoes of my choice!!!

Moral-Well in life persistence always pays off!



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  1. i was here!!! 🙂
    just wanted 2 say…its nice tht u pen down ur day 2 day events n also extract meaningful morals frm em! 🙂
    always feels nice reading ur blog.

  2. This story remind me an old gujrati saying…”Bole ena bor vechay”..:)

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