drama in the gym!!!

Having ingulged in some rather scrummy but rich desserts, I am trying my hardest to go to the gym regularly to shift the access calories I have consumed before they permanantly make home in the form of fat on my waistline!!!So today despite the fact its Sat nite I changed into my tracksuit and went to burn off these offending calories. Now if you are a regular gym attender you will know that Sat nights at the gym means that the gym is virtually empty .Only obese people in need to loose weight , loners or people with nothing better to do will be there or in my case guilt for eating so many desserts and secondly losing my partner to a game of football!!There were only three of us in the gym, the middle aged guy with a beer belly, which made him look almost 9 months pregnant, sweating profusely on the cross country walker and a real sight for sore eyes!!!My self on the thread mill, ipod voulme on full blast trying to run to the rhythm of boba bora from bluff master a nice fast number.Oposite me on the weights was the third person, a rather muscley young men dressed in designer sports gear from head to toe challenging the weights and I think to my mind seemed to be  rather showing off. As the tread mills are positioned opposite the weights it was hard not to view this creature exerting his muscles!!! I noticed that the weights that the young man was lifting seemed a rather heavy load and somehow I could sense some  catasrophe about to happen, but I carried on running. I diverted back  to the bora bora tune trying to keep up with the pace on the tread mill ,the middle aged guy too was pumping away on the cross country walker when suddenly the vision of the young man dissappeared from sight!!. I didnt think anything unsual for a moment until I saw him agonising on the floor, not really sure  what he was doing I chose to ignor him and mind my own business. A few mins later he was still on the floor looking alarmingly pale  and in pain. I paused the tread mill and walked over to him and asked if he  was ok,but he  was too busy clutching  his foot, I realised that he was hurt. I went to find the fitness trainer and a first aider.With help on hand, I returned to the gym to tell the guy help was on its way.The first aider came and soon an ambulance was on its way.It seems that the guy had dropped a weight on his toe and it was broken. Amazingly the obese guy was now on the cycle ,totally ignorant to all that had happened around him,not aware of all the drama had occured. My mood for the gym was spoilt so I decided to call it a day and return home, my dull Sat nite was certainly eventful, I just hope that  the guys  foot is not too serious……




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