Liam is a 5 year old kid, he  suffers from downs syndrome, he is almost blind in one eye and has partial vision in the other eye, He is constantly suffering from bronchitis, but all these disabilities does not stop him from being a normal 5 year old kid. I see Liam every month because the only way we can improve his vision is to fit him with an extended wear contact lens that needs to be changed monthly.He has been my patient since the age of 3, He is such a sweet and caring child, that I think sometimes we can learn a thing or two from him.  Despite the injustice that god has done to him he comes in always wearing a smile. Always in his hand he has a gift for me, a drawing, a cookie, a model he has made at school, a bunch of wild flowers picked from the garden, still with the soil, insects and morning dew on them, wrapped in note paper torn from his book. Such thoughtful and precious gifts that are so full of genuine love, they are more valuable then any shop bought gifts or cellophane wrapped bouquet of roses I have received.He tells me he loves me and I am his best friend but you know deep down I too love this kid and bravery that he shows. When ever I see him it makes me feel ashamed when I moan about my problems, in relation to his they are nothing ……….In this cruel world people like Liam are the real “true angels” that come to bring brightness into our lives, and teach us that quality of life is in our outlook……

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  1. truly inspirational..!

  2. yea we always complain about what we don’t have but there are thousands of people who knows how to be happy with the things mighty god has given…!!!

  3. Truly, when you know of or hear of children like Liam, we tend to realize how easy we have it in life by being healthy and complete…

    That in itself should be enough… atleast most days !!


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