To me friendship is a very important part of my life I value my friends immensely and the friendship that they offer. They are the pearls hidden in the oysters that the sea of life hides deep beneath. One needs to explore the sea for its abundant riches.

There are many people that come and go from our lives, some touch our souls for a moment or two, then leave an imprint of their presence in our life and others come to stay indefinitely, they remain with you, come what may, through rain or shine. There are many kinds of friends, each will form a special bond in our lives. They will etch a mark and embed a niche in our heart in their own special way.

At times two friends may have a lot in common – in terms of likes and dislikes, hobbies and habits, and perceptions too. They have chemistry that connects-“sixth sense”. One picks a note and the other completes the song. Together they start and finish things — connecting beautifully.  

There are those who are strikingly opposite to each other. One might be shy and the other a live wire. One is a chatter -box and the other calm and silent. Opposites attract, some say. When one speaks the other friend listens. They complement each other so well.  They seem to broaden each other’s horizons.

Then there are the fair-weather ones, who wither away like the dead leaves in autumn. They are there for a while and then disappear, only to surface again just like the seasons of the year. We don’t realise that spring would soon smile and friendship would bloom again.  They teach us to welcome and cherish the delightful spring and hibernate in the winter. They teach us that being apart for a while is not the end of the friendship. 

Which ever type of friendship it is, its unique precious and has its own merits, treasure it cherish it and never let go because friends are like street lights along the road. They don’t make the distance any shorter, but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile……. 

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  1. wah wah kya baat hai..

    what about ‘crazy’ friends 😛

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