Do you like rain????




Rain .  Do you like rain ?? People seem to associate a rather romantic notion with rain such as this:
Softly falling down, each drop as delicate as a pearl. As it strikes the windowpane  ..tap . . . tap . . . tap.
It can sound just like a sad song with a slow beat, the kind that makes you daydream and feel sad and sigh as you think of what might have been or could be in your life.
Or maybe it is a happy song that brings back sweet memories, tender thoughts and special smiles and warm hugs. Or thinking of someone who makes your heart beat faster and your laughter ring with happiness and joy.
Or maybe it is a love song with sweet and soft lyrics, that reminisces of tender, romantic and sensual memories that makes you think of dancing in the rain.
Only you can decide which song is the one you are hearing, which music soothes your soul and which song you want to sing along with.


To me rain is awful I HATE IT!! It’s wet, cold, and chilly! I find no pleasure in walking in it or having to venture out in it!!! I hate thunderstorms and lightening and there is nothing better then snuggling under the duvet with my head buried under the pillow until the storm has passed. I don’t know why I hate the rain so much???….  Could it be a childhood experience I encountered maybe???. At the age of six I had a best friend, my next door neighbour, we were in separable, everyday after school each would eat dinner, do home work and meet on the communal steps that we shared to our respective front doors. It was a mutual understanding that who ever was first would wait for the other, now it so happened that this one day I waited for my friend on the step, a storm was brewing and I sat and waited and waited my friend never came .I sat in the rain getting wetter and wetter until my mom discovered me drenched to the skin and shivering .Two days of fever followed the drenching and a rather large telling off from my mom for sitting in the rain. But I think worse then this was the part of being stood up by my best friend that was so wounding.Maybe one day I will start to like the rain but even today I HATE IT !!!!


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  1. hmmm….u have a valid reason for Hating rains….but i’ll tell u one thing…even i dont like thunderstorms n lightening….its d gentle slow rain, a drizzle, dark blue sky(minus d lightening) tht invikes a nice feeling within oneself…n gettin wet in such rains..feelin those soft rains drops on ur face…gives u a nice warm fellin 🙂
    thts d kinda rain i like!

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