beautiful sunset……

 At the end of the day it’s nice to unwind and reflect on the days moments. Standing on the balcony, enjoying the calm night breeze, what’s more serene than watching the coral sunset. Through the skyscrapers, the horizon lights up, swirls of pink and orange. For a moment they stay only to disappear into a change, shimmering and fading to blues and purples. Change just as beautiful as the last, an immanent display for the world to share.  

The vibrant and exquisite palette of colours, serenading the blushing horizon across the starry night .The magnificent and the splendour glow that brightens our world making the world peaceful like a paradise, where all our dreams and destinies lie. I stand and  ponder, what this life to me has offered, lots of openings you think are for keeps. Just as the beauty of the sunset, life too has its changing moments. A life full of joy and mixed colours, some vivacious some dull but all equally necessary. 

Each moment in life precious yet constantly varying, just as the sunset, which sweeps the horizons, to end the day ,to share delight, so that others may see. Tomorrow will be another day, another sunset will await, with colours so bold colours so new, just to share its delight…….  

The above piece of writing was inspired by the beauty of the picture that accompanies it. I saw the picture in a friends scrap book and immediately fell in love with it, so I boldly asked if I could have it!!! …….Thankyou  Chintan for saying “yes”

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  1. Miss Angel i think its ur flare in writin tht makes d posts more lively n communicates ur feelings….its indeed a quality tht u can draw inspiration for small things 2 write such beautiful thoughts! I cud hav never declined n angels request 4 d pic…thanx!!!

  2. Yes, you are very good in writing. This post reminds me an article by Helen Keller in Reader’s Digest “Three days to see”. She also explained this world with beautiful words.
    Vaise, sunset nahi dekhana chaiye, upsagun hota hain.
    Why don’t to write something about sunrise. I am waiting for any post on oranges, i don’t like apple. 🙂

  3. NIce Thought Friend… I also .. Enjoyed my eve With A friend today .. sitting beside the jheel… a lake you can call it!!it was too guud

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