Needles …..I hate them!!!

Last week I was feeling under the weather a little bit .It started off with a cold and then a sore throat. Thinking it was due to change in weather I didn’t take much notice of it until the fever arrived 3 days of burning and aching limbs prompted me to attend the doctors practice. Thinking I will leave there with a prescription for antibiotics and all will be well in a few days was a real mistake and an underestimation on my part. That’s not possible with my general practitioner.

 Now my general practitioner is a young, up coming doctor very enthusiastic and very clued up in latest medical science and extremely over friendly and has a un forgetful memory. He just doesn’t forget anything .I can’t understand how he does this as he remembers every conversation you have with him even if it happened months ago, he remembers every family member and all ailments you may have consulted him for without our as much as a referral to his files.

Well after completing all chitchat and formal greeting formalities, I explained my symptoms and hoped I will be able to leave with out much ado. But No that’s not my general practitioner idea of service, he never leaves any stone unturned whether its fear of being sued or just that he is very through and passionate about his work and tries to seek some thing undue in all his patients. He insisted I looked pale and jaundiced, maybe have glandular fever could even be hepatitis as I had recently been abroad and definitely I should have some blood tests!!! My already pale face dropped, blood tests??? –needles??? My biggest fear in life. Pleases god NO !!NO …..this cant happen!! I thought. I am fine, I tried to mumble but before my brain could action any objection, he had written a list of blood tests to be taken and scheduled another appointment with him in 3 days for results.

My protests never materialised as I made my way out of the consulting room, thinking all along I don’t think  these tests are necessary, he is being over cautious, let me just go home, take  a rest and tomorrow I will cancel appointment with him in three days because I will be fine .With these thoughts in mind  I made my way out of the surgery. But you know when some one is adamant ….hamara kuch nehi chalta!!!As I walked passed, the receptionist  said “Hold on a second Mrs Kanabar, the doctor has just rung the phlebotomists, they will see you straight away”. I felt like a naughty child  being caught in the act of compiling a naughty deed!! I was almost expecting an invisible hand to grab me by the scruff of my neck  and march me  to the phlebotomists for the tests. Reluctantly I had no choice but to attend.

So I made my way to the centre took my number and sat in the waiting room with other patients, who all seemed equally as apprehensive as me!!! Finally 20 minutes later my number came up, I walked into the room and was summoned to a chair by an overlarge, hefty looking nurse with a gleaming fake smile and a I will take no nonsense attitude !!.I demurely sat in the chair wishing it were over soon. The nurse in a patronising manner glared at me, told me to roll up my sleeve and strapped my arm in a vice like contraption that made me feel the blood was going to be forced out of my arm let alone dribble .She was probably enjoying this power all along!! “Its only a pin prick” she said to me “no need to be scared”. I thought please god, just shut up, hurry up and get it over and done with!! After much tapping she found the vein. Jabbed my arm and proceeded to fill 1,2,3 syringes with my most precious blood, at this stage I asked how much more are you going to take. With what seemed like a vampires evil smile,  she said just a couple more for my supplies! Finally the torment over, my arm out of the vice I was ready for my exit from the fearful  ordeal.

Traumatised I was keen to get home only to return to the surgery 3 days later for the results. Well thinking the worst was over I arrived duly on time, greeted the over enthusiastic doctor and waited with baited breath for the outcome. The test results were normal he said except the haemoglobin one. So a prescription of iron tablets and an appointment with the dietician was recommended. I was so relieved that finally it was over I was happy to take any number of tablets as long as no needles were in sight. “Now is there anything else bothering you?” asked my doctor   “I noticed you were limping slightly when you walked into the room.” “Oh that ,that’s nothings, I was visiting relatives at the weekend who are having building work done and I happened to step on a nail whilst there, it’s fine” I replied. Oh Oh !!! that was a bad move, before I could make a hasty exit, the doctor had insisted I remove my trainer and sock and present my band-aided foot to him for inspection!!! After much prodding and checking he said “we need to clean up the wound and get the dressing changed.” Fine I thought anything to try and get out from the surgery as quickly as possible. So while the nurse redressed my foot the doctor updated his notes on the computer.  “Oh yes one more thing Mrs Kanabar I noticed your Tetanus jab has expired so I think we will give you the booster today. We don’t want  to risk any infections now ,do we?? “At this my heart sank, I was frozen to the chair. How can I be so unlucky twice in 3 days????HELP!!!!……………………



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  1. hahah u 2 fear from needles [:P]
    i used to when i was kid but after that i had gone thru many painful needles :-s hahaha i can understand your fear

  2. heres a secret…even I hav a fear of needles! n takin a lesson frm ur account…i wont limp while walkin 2 my doc even if i hav lost one of my toes.. 😉

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