cyber friends

We sit and we typeAnd we stare at our screens… We all have to wonder What this possibly meansWith our mouse we roam  Through the rooms in a mazeWaiting in anticipationFor something or someoneAs we sit in a daze
We chat with each other

We type all our woes… We share little jokesAll our highs and our lowsSmall groups we do formAnd gang up on our foesWe share emotions

And sometimes flirt… In IM’s we chat deeply and  Reveal why we hurt We do form friendshipsBut why we don’t know… But some of these friendshipsWill flourish and grow

Why is it on screen?

We can be so boldTelling our secrets that  Have never been toldWhy is it we share?  The thoughts in our mind With those we can’t see As though we were blindChatting to them is daily habit

An effort we all love to makeFar away places we all resideWith time differences,Some sleeping, some awakeWith loving thoughtsFriendships blossom from day to dayThe bonds will strengthenAnd friendships will stay

The answer is simple

It is as clear as a bellWe have made cyber friendsThose are dear to the heart and really swellSo we turn to the “putter ” And to those friends we can trustEven though it is crazy The truth still remains… They are friends without faces  With odd little namesFrom far away placesPeople we have never metYet so dear nowWe will never forget……… 



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  1. heyy friend.. a very nice n touching poem… soo sweet .. keep smiling 🙂

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