feeling grumpy!!! :(

feeling grumpy

There have been times in life when all seems lost. You feel grumpy and miserable. Your best friend it seems is too busy for you. Its pouring with rain and the whole world is against you. Life just isn’t worth living through another day. You have just broken your most treasured ornament, the car broke down, you locked your self out and if that wasn’t enough you have just had a fight with your boss about a trivial matter not even worth mentioning.

At times like this we wonder why life has given us such a raw deal. Then you need to remember the things that are important to you. For as low as we fall there is always something or someone, somewhere, to help pull you back from the deep pits of darkness. Once you feel yourself slipping don’t be scared to grab on to that something or someone. Love, Hope and Faith will guide us. Look around and find the things you need to live for. The people you love and the friends you cherish. If we look hard enough, we will find the place you need to be. Until then you can make the most of what you have, give the most that you can, love the best you can.

Each morning wake up and thank god you are still alive, to live another day to find your way. There are people with worse worries than you. Life is truly worth living for, if you look at the beauty that surrounds you. Its ok to be grumpy once in a while after all life is not a bed of roses everyday but remember the grumpy mood will pass, there’s always a rainbow after the rain, sunshine after a cloudy day and happiness follows sadness. So instead content yourself with the little things, which bring you pleasure and tomorrow, will be a new day with a new beginning…….. 

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  1. hmm very well said..
    no matter how sad someone feels, they can always find something to be happy for!

  2. Happiness…it depends on how we wish spend our moments

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