is it magic??


You know exactly what you really want to say, but you can never get it out to this very day. It runs about in your head both day and night and it doesn’t go away no matter how hard you fight ….You think to your self ……Is It Magic?…. A warm glow encases, a smile lights up your face. Have you cast your spell of magic, that makes this so? I have taken to notice, the magic that is in life itself. Is that you? Is it your magic that makes me so aware? ………..You are part of my entire being, morning, noon and night. Is this also, your magic at work? There’s a song in my heart, and a spring in my step. Is it your magic at work again? When apart I feel a loss. Is it your magic that compels me to miss you so? …..What sort of magic is this that truly embraces me? Can I live but a day, without the magic? No. Not a day, or a minute, or one second for all eternity. I have never felt this way before, nor will I ever again without your cloak of your magic……….. So please help me to understand what is this special magic????

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  1. there is no ‘magic’ in this world, but i can definitely see here ‘magic’ in words!

    nice post 😀

  2. hmmm…magic is supposedly some kinda illusion as the scientists in psychology put it..but indeed whatsoever it is has the thrill and fun which they themselves too would like to experience … 🙂 theres so much in magic,the magical feelings and perceptions wouldnt usuallt want to find out how it works….unless its some magic show for kids on tv … 🙂

  3. Theres a lot what the human mind cant understand in X and Ys
    Sure there is magic in life.
    Its called BELIEF

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