Hulgavva-who is she???

 Hulgavva with her mother and brother

The above picture is of Hulgavva with her mother and little brother–Hulgavva is my ” sponsored child” in Wadderhatti, India.

I have always felt very passionate about education and when I received my very first pay cheque, I decided that I should  use some of the money to regularly sponsor a child who was less fortunate than me and enable them to be educated.

Sadly in the world’s poorest countries, millions of children still live in desperate need of food, shelter, healthcare, safe drinking water and education. Plan international is a charity who will put you in touch with such people who will benefit from these sort of sponsorships…………Sponsorship is “about real people helping real people” to gain an education, create safe secure hygienic homes and generally give the children and their families a better and brighter future.

I particularly chose to sponsor a female child, as in many such countries where education is scarce, it’s unheard of for females. Traditionally girls leave home and marry at an early age so parents tend to invest in their sons education so that they are provided for their old age. By helping girls to be equally educated at least they will have more chance to be respected and be independent.

Further more there is regular contact from your sponsored child in the form of letters and pictures, that’s very touching and inspirational to see the progress your sponsored child is making. Often the drawings are simple scribbling or colourful patterns but its still welcoming and they always bring immence joy and tears to my eyes.

I feel my contribution is a mere drop in a vast ocean that needs to be filled. If I can help to make even a minute difference to improve someone’s life then its definitely worth it……There are many more children out there  just like Hulgavva who  there waiting for this one chance in life to make their life more worthwhile……We cannot change their fate but we can  help make the journey  smoother. These children cannot make a brand new start but if given the assistance they may be able to start from now and make a brand new ending…………….

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  1. u r indeed n “Angel” n i beleive everyone can be n angel by doin such good deeds!!!I will definately remember U n Hulgavva wen i get my first pay cheque.

  2. It motivates..

  3. True to your name, you really are; keep it up, till people like you are there, there’s still hope for millions. Will certainly remember this when I start earning.

  4. she looks like an 8 year old girl….

    Its really heart breaking to hear that she got married at such a young age….

    Wish her good luck…. and hope yr attempts didnt go in vain and do manage to make some difference 🙂

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