Kya pata………..Ek aansun kam ho jaye…

 These words are for a friend of mine who seems to be hurting alot and is finding it hard to share their emotions………………..


Jab kabhi koi gum sataye,
Koi baat dil ko na behlaye,
Aankhein sagar chalkaye,
Baat karke dekhna humse,

Kya pata………..Ek aansun kam ho jaye…  


When life is full of heartache, days seem dark and grey ,giving hope and promise, friends will light the way.


Through storms and cloudy weather, dawn or setting sun ,friends will stand beside us side by side, as one.

 Sharing tears and laughter, inner thoughts and dreams, acceptance without judgment building self-esteem.

When life has formed big puddles  and your world comes tumbling down,reaching out with kindness they’ll always stick around.

Smiles are shared together, as are the salty tears,bonds that keep on growing, stronger through the years.

Friends are special people ,they give us wings to fly ,they help us along our way when our feet have trouble walking    ………. sO DEAR friend never think that you are alone remember a problem shared is a problem halved…

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  1. are aap ek aansu kam karne ki baat kar rahe ho.. jaha aapke jaise dost aur dosti ho waha ek aansu ki bhi jagah hi nahi bachegi 😀

  2. hey nayna 🙂 …the comment above by jignesh is rite ….jaha aap ho..wahaaan aansoo aane ki sawaal hi paidha nahin hoti..u seem to have the answers all the time..dont know wheather its because u belong to hte group of people who learn from others mistakes or to that group who are congenitally smart..or that group who have already gone thru the same road earlier thru the thorns and roses…hmmm or some other all together…i just understand only this much that…am lucky to have u as a friend..thanks dost for everything… 🙂

  3. Where is the next post??????????

  4. Frnds r always sweet n frnds like u r even sweeter! 🙂
    I beleive tht talkin 2 frnds wen feelin low really takes a load off ur Heartn makes u feel lighter…aur ek nahi saare aansu chale jate hai!!! 🙂

  5. Ur frnd will definitely love this poem. it might not ultimately rid him of his sorrow, watever it might be, but atleast itll make him/her feel better


  6. aap aansun naa laaye apne aankhon se… acche nahi dikhenge aap pe.. aapke chehre ki raunak chali jaayegi…

    nice one from ur side… looking for more like that

  7. nice one……hope ur friend very will understand to share it with you whatever is going around with him..

  8. kya pata ek ansu kam ho jaye.
    bahut sundar.
    loved it.

  9. Really Good Thoughts and Poem

  10. I f U have a good frnd who is alwys their to wipe your tears than you understand the feelings of the poem. Really liked the poem. Very touchy……..

  11. thankzz dear … very nice poem ..
    great use of words … nice work …

  12. the poem was just great
    the end lines were cool
    and this makes the whole post great


  13. wow … u r really good with poems …

    in the beginning, i thought it was like hindi poem thing … i gotta say … i am not a big fan of hindi poems wwritten in english … it takes so much time to read them ….

    but ur work is good … keet it up

  14. WIKITIII!!

  15. Lovely!
    Wonderfully expressed!
    ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away!’
    Friends are the ones that give many such moments in our lives.
    Keep writing! I loved it a lot! 🙂

  16. you know what,
    while reading this post,
    I was getting back in to my memories,
    even i find it hard to share my blues with anyone,

    Yeah I belong to “i don’t let anyone Cry” group..
    keep your good work flowing


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