The door banged and you stormed out and now I sat alone dejected in turmoil with a heaving chest. My shattered world spinning furiously around me, my body retching painfully and my eyes burning with tears. My head was pounding and I was in emotional pain, my feelings were swallowed by the intense grief causing my body to be numb.


The memory and fantasy of the argument became blurred, and the reality and falsehood indistinct from one another and the truth eluded all rationalising. The reason for the argument was not even apparent and now seemed so pointless and demeaning .


 The feelings that I couldn’t express to you were now locked away forever, making me feel weary and tired in my troubled mind. My mind is in confusion, turmoil, despair, I feel so alone like no one could care. I don’t know why we had to argue, angry words were said both by you and I. Can we not forgive and forget and make a new start?? 


 And almost as if you can read my mind, the phone rang and desolately, I answered, it’s you sheepishly saying, “I am sorry can we still be friends?” A smile adorned my tear stained face, my heart started to float on clouds of joy. The tears in my heart were washed away, as the rainbow peeped cheekily from beyond the black cloud. A sigh of relief, of happiness brought back the peace to my soul and mind. My heart no longer crying at the thought of loosing your friendship “Yes we can be friends again, of course we can, I would like nothing better”………..”I am sorry too.” I replied …….”THERE SHOULD BE NO EGOS BETWEEN FRIENDS!!!!”

copyright © 2007 Nayna Kanabar

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  1. 100% true….People with different mind can have different opinions ….and if they r friends…they can smile togethere….it is possible 2 have misunderstandin or..mismatchin in thoughts 2:)…the person thinks tht “why should i firt??” can’t be friend…when he starts thinkin tht why should i not!!! he will win the gift of friendship!!!! nice simple article….njoyed:)


  2. hmm.. great post! “there should be no ego between friends” – explained very nicely in the story

  3. definately there is no place 4 egos in frndship…also one shud not shy frm expressing his/her feelings coz true frnds understand n respect each others feelings!

  4. do i have to say the words??? 🙂

  5. Friends can always agree to disagree …. Saying sorry, just means that you give the relation more importance than your views or self … 🙂

  6. the things were lucid clear and harsh as well as soft in tone…nicy…

  7. i really now love ur blog
    this is just great
    great post everything great
    what about blogrolling?
    comment on my blog if you want

  8. Ego or no ego, one simply can’t lose good friends.

  9. Very true!…

    but still…sometimes i cant help being egoistic.. 😦

    u haf fun

  10. touchin..
    respect is the keyword!

  11. Nice one.. congrats for getting your friend back 🙂

  12. too touchy….

    things happen between friends….but nothing can separate true friends..

  13. came across your blog through orkut. You have penned your feelings really well. My best wishes.

  14. Very much agreed..not only friendship, ego has no place in any relationship..if it gives you kinda fake self respect attitude (as we misunderstand it!), it leaves a darn patch forever..

  15. the key here was that the feeling was mutual. doesnt always happen that way though 🙂

    Good for you 🙂


  16. there should be no egos between friends. i kinda like that line.

  17. i 100% agree with CRD

  18. “There should be no ego between friends”—->> Very True indeed!

    But the post is too emotional…..lost track in between untill I saw the final tagline!

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