Home Alone…………

Thud! Thud! I was awoken by this sound, thinking that I was dreaming, I turned around, buried myself deeper into my duvet and tried to go back to sleep.

Thud! Thud! I heard it again, puzzled I reluctantly scrambled out of bed and looked out of the window but all that was apparent was that there was a storm and torrents of rain was pelting at the window pane and the leaves were swirling around in the whipping gale force winds.


I hate to admit it , but being a big “DARR POK”, I started to panic as I could intermittently hear the noise, my gut feeling was so snuggle back to bed and forget about it, so I went back to bed but as much as I tried I just couldn’t fall asleep.  Grudgingly I pulled on my dressing gown slipped into my slippers and went to investigate the sound. In fear I tiptoed out of the bedroom and down the staircase, the sound seemed to coming from the side of the house next to the kitchen. My pulse quickened, my palms were hot and sweaty as my heart raced like a car raced by Schumacher in the grand prix!! I crept into the kitchen the noise was getting louder. I stood frozen to the spot. “ Now what?? What shall I do now, run back to bed? Call some one?? But its 2.30 am!!

Gritting my teeth and plucking up the courage, I picked up the nearest thing at hand a broom and a torch. I took a deep breath and stepped into the utility room, amazingly the noise had stopped. Feeling a sign of relief I was ready to turn around, abandon my adventure and immediately venture back to bed when suddenly it came again and again Thud! Thud! Increasingly getting louder, obviously who ever or what ever was making that noise was on a vengeance!


Not absolutely knowing what to do, I surprisingly reached a very swift and rapid decision……..Call it stupidity or something of that nature but I unlocked the back door, stepped out into the pouring rain and gale force winds to challenge the intruder, but no sound came, I turned around breathing a sign of relief, when suddenly an almighty thud echoed through my ears. Rooted to the spot and cursing my foolishness in the torrential rain neither could I move nor a sound came out of my mouth. Shivering from the cold,I dropped the torch from  my hand and as I bent to pick it up I saw the wooden gate half hanging off its hinges knocking against the gatepost! The root cause of my distress and fear!! ……………….Phew!! what a sigh of relief, hurriedly I picked up the now broken torch and in darkness tried to secure the broken gate and dived back into the house. 


Drenched to the skin and traumatised, I sat at the kitchen table trying to warm my self up with a hot cup of cocoa. It was only at this stage when I caught my reflection in the kitchen window I realised if there had been an intruder who would have been more shocked the intruder or me? ……….The intruder more likely on being confronted by a  helpless female in pink silky pyjamas, fluffy winnie the pooh slippers, drenched to the skin and sporting a broom in one hand and torch in the other!!  I guess this was an important lesson I learnt that night…….. It was a great act of bravery on my part to shed my “DARR POK”  image and for this I really deserved an award!!….. But maybe on second thoughts it was an act of stupidly to try and face the intruder single handed had there been one!!



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  1. THRILLING !!!! 😀

  2. how abt tryin ur hand at writin some thriller stories!!!:)
    one suggestion >>>
    The intruder more likely on being confronted by a helpless female in pink silky pyjamas, fluffy winnie the pooh slippers, drenched to the skin and sporting a broom in one hand and torch in the other!! >>> next time hold d torch under d face n watch d intruder freeze 2 death…:))
    but seriously, really nicely put togather!!!

  3. Darna MANA Hain

  4. Darna jaruri hain:P

  5. DARPOK…. :))

  6. Another of the beautiful, thrilling short stories I’ve come across in blogs. Good work. Bravado! nice one. Your posts are as good as your comments.

  7. Had there be one ??!!!

    I wonder what would a burglar done with such a hapless vision in front of him !! 🙂

    But well written none the less !!! Cheers


  8. I believe I already read it before..and again read :)….I can see my comments::D…

    Jo dar gaya….samjo voh ….dar gaya:D

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