Annoying telesales callers!!!

 I am sure at some time or other you have all experienced the telesales calls that plague you to try and sell you insurance, double glazing, new patio, conservatory, smear free window with uv protection even pet grooming and carpet cleaning!! Well  in the last few months I have been bombarded with these types of call, despite my phone number not being listed in phone book and on ex directory list. I just can’t understand where  and how these people get the contact numbers. It seems that these callers do not understand the 2 simple words        “NO THANKYOU” and continue their harassment. I tried to get these types of callers blacklisted from my number, reported them to the services provider but all to no avail so in desperation, I  thought enough is enough and so I came up with a few alternate ideas……………….. 

1.If the caller starts with “Are you the house holder?” pretend to be the au pair, cleaner, housekeeper, childminder what ever the mood takes you and start ranting and raving in a nonsensical foreign language, the caller will get fed up and hang up.

2.Boldly ask the caller “Are you going to give it to me free?” you will find that they will be shocked at this question and immediately ring off!!!

3.When they greet you and start selling their product change the subject immediately and start to tell them in gory details about an illness such as an in growing toenail or hernia. Making sure that the caller does not get a word in edgeways. You will find that the caller will make soon make an excuse and hang off.

4.Last but not least say to the caller  “Hold on I need to answer the door,” and then place the handset next to the radio blaring with music for 10 minutes. You will find caller will give up and hang up.

I know its easy just to say “no thank you!” but all above methods will definitely deter the caller from bothering again and they will immediately delete you from their list!!!. 🙂 🙂

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  1. hehe:P

    yeah…some headache here also in the same way;)….but i found one software on my nokia phone to block the buddy…and also call cheater…software…so no more headachE:D …..but all ways tht u told r awesome…will try 4 some soon:D:D

  2. hahahaha wow your ideas are really kewl

    btw i liked this layout 😛

  3. he he about this……
    give ur worst enemy’s number and ask them to call them as they were talkin about some bulk orders …he he he…let them have fun

  4. yeah! they really are annoying

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